Meadow Creek BBQ64P 2-Pit Chicken Cooker


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A smaller version of the BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer but with only two pits and a push-around design instead of a trailer. The BBQ64P is a great option if you’ve outgrown the BBQ42 but aren’t ready to invest in a trailer model.

Perfect for fundraisers, catering, or a roadside BBQ stand!

Additional information

Overall Dimensions

70"l x 50"w x 38"h

Cooking Area

14.17 sq. ft. (2,040 sq. in.)

Grate Dimensions

30” x 34”

Number of Grates


Space Between Wires on Flat Grate


Space Between Grate and Bottom of Cooker


Grate Style

Wire Grid With 1” Spacing on Center

Metal Thickness

13 Gauge

Net Weight

400 lbs.

Shipping Weight

600 lbs.

Capacity of Bone-in Chicken

80 lbs.

Capacity of Party Wings

70 lbs.

Capacity of Hamburgers


Capacity of Ribeye Steaks


Capacity of Spare Ribs


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