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Pig Roaster, Chicken Cooker, and Rotisserie Rentals in Shipshewana, IN

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Why Rent a Smoker?

  • Host an event or week-long vacation without investing in a grill.
  • Try a piece of equipment before purchasing one
  • Add an extra catering crew on the busiest weekends

Wellspring Big Ben Rotisserie 72
big Ben Rotisserie

Rotisserie chicken cooker w/sandwich Grates 




  • 4096 square inches of grate
  • 180 pounds of chicken
  • Towable
  • Electric needed
PR72T Pig Roaster

Whole hog roaster and smoker




  • 1680 square inches of grate space
  • Whole pig (up to 275 pounds, dressed weight)
  • 21-24 pork butts
  • 25-30 whole chickens
  • 9-12 whole briskets
  • 12-15 racks of ribs
  • Towable
BBQ96 Chicken Cooker

High-capacity chicken flipper trailer 




  • 3060 square inches of grate
  • 120 pounds of chicken
  • Towable

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