The 10 Best Things to Do in Shipshewana, Indiana

In a family-friendly town brimming with artisan shops, world-class entertainment, interesting tours, notable restaurants, and the midwest's largest flea market, there is no shortage of options to put on this list of the 10 best things to do in Shipshewana.

In recent years, the little town of Shipeshewana has grown from its Amish roots into a nationally recognized destination hosting grammy-winning musicians and has captured the hearts of millions. If you're here for a week with family or just traveling through, use this list of the 10 best things to do in Shipshewana as your guide.

1. Shipshewana Trading Place Auction and Flea Market

Find great bargains, unique items, and hidden treasures at the Shipshewana Auction & Flea Market. With 26 aisles and nearly 700 vendors, this is a gem you don’t want to miss.

Known as the "Midwest's Largest Flea Market," people from all over the nation come to experience this outdoor flea market and find deals on everything under the sun. Before you make the trip, be sure to check the dates and hours. The flea market is seasonal, open every Tuesday and Wednesday from May through September.

You can also bid on a wide range of items ranging from antique toys to vintage signs at the auction. With six to ten live auctioneers simultaneously selling every Wednesday, there’s always something to see.

2. Bluegate Performing Arts Center

Escape to the state-of-the-art Blue Gate Theatre to get up close to world-class performances, music, and entertainment. 

Blue Gate Theatre is a premium destination for award winning artists and broadway style musicals with it's all-new 1,500 seat venue. Experiencing a show at Blue Gate is sure to be a highlight of your Shipshewana experience.

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3. Heritage Ridge Creamery


Experience Shipshewana's historic Amish roots with a visit to Heritage Ridge Creamery. The cheesemasters at Heritage Ridge have been perfecting their cheeses for more than 40 years and are now masters in the craft of longhorn, stirred curd cheeses.

Heritage Ridge Creamery is a member-owned cooperative with generational farmers taking pride and ownership in the end product. With their meticulous sourcing and farmer relationships, Heritage Ridge provides an outstanding selection of fine cheeses with superior quality.

Don't leave Shipshewana without trying cheese from Heritage Ridge Creamery

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4. Dutch Creek Farm Animal Park


Here's your chance to get so close to beautiful exotic animals that you could see them smile. A ride through the safari gives the entire family joy and feeding the animals from their hands is an experience your kids may never forget.

Located just minutes from Shipshewana, Dutch Creek Farm boasts a wide variety of both exotic and farm animals. Most of these animals can be fed from your hand, and the petting zoo is always popular with kids.

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5. Smokehouse Grills and Supply

10 Best Things to do in Shipshewana IN

Smokehouse grills is every outdoor cooking lover's dream. Come here to see top brands of smokers and grills in person or select a craft seasoning for your weekend cookout.

This specialty grilling supply store is a grillmaster's paradise with its aisles full of sauces, seasonings, smokers, and local crafts. If you're shopping for gifts for a barbecue or grill lover, there is no better place in Shipshewana to get them something they'll love. The resident BBQ experts are always happy to answer questions and help you choose your grill or supplies with confidence.

If you like food, make sure to pay a visit to Smokehouse Grills and Supply.

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6. Walldog Murals

10 Best Things to Do in Shipshewana Indiana, Walldog

Experience the mark that the Walldogs left on the town of Shipshewana!

The Walldogs are a group of highly skilled sign painters and mural artists from all over the world. Every year artists from all over the world descend on a small town and transform it with murals showing off local history. The Waldogs came to Shipshewanan in 2014 and painted a total of 16 murals throughout the town.

Each mural has its own story and will beckon you to dive deeper into the the rich history of this town.

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7. Buggy Lane Tours With Amish Dinner

10 Best Things to Do in Shipshewana, Indiana

Enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience and tour Shipshewana on a horse-drawn carriage!

Buggy Lane Tours has a variaty of tours available, with the higher tier options including a trip just outside of Shipshewana to a working Amish dairy farm where Holstein cows are milked twice daily at 5:00am and 5:00pm. You'll have the opportunity to milk a cow by hand, taste fresh milk, help feed the calves, and take pictures of Belgian work horses. Finally, you have the option of ending the day with a homestyle Amish meal around a table.

In addition to their standard tours, Buggy Lane Tours also offers custom tours based on your group's needs. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in Shipshewana, book a Buggy Lane Tour.

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8. Yoder's Meat Shop

From charcuterie to steak, Yoder's meat shop is the regions premier specialty meat supplier. The cuts from their team of highly skilled butchers and processors will likely leave permanent memories on all who try them.

They have a wide selection of products to choose from to fit your everyday needs including 150 cuts of meat, over 100 varieties of cheese, a full line of in-house smoked meats, a deli, jams and jellies, candy, salsas, popcorn, canned goods, and much more!

Make sure you put Yoder's Meat Shop on your list of things to do while you're in Shipshewana!

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9. Bluegate Restaurant and Bakery

No matter the occasion, you need to experience the unforgettable Blue Gate Restaurant and Bakery.

They feature a rotating selection of delicious classic Amish foods on their buffet depending on the day. In addition to the standard buffet, you can also try their famous family-style buffet where you are served an unlimited amount while sitting around the table with your friends or loved ones. The convenient location in the middle of Shipshewana makes it easily accessible no matter what you're here for.

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10. Kitchen Cupboard

No list of the 10 best things to do in Shipshewana would be complete without a coffee spot! Start your mornings at the Kitchen Cupboard located inside Davis Mercantile!

This iconic coffee shop was first started in 1997 and is still serving their made-to-order espresso drinks, house-made chocolate chip cookies, and more. They make it their goal make you feel at home and help you slow down and enjoy the simpler things in life (like a cup of coffee).

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Bonus: Davis Mercantile

Even if your pockets are empty, you need to visit Davis Mercantile. You'll come away with memories and probably a few favorite shops.

This iconic mercantile is decked with 4 floors and 21 stores and has been a staple of Shipshewana for decades. You can find everything from food to snacks, crafts, clothes, and candy! The top level is anchored by a giant carousel that creates memorable experiences for old and young alike, and a giant tree trunk stretches from the basement to the roof.

Davis Mercantile is an enjoyable place for the entire family.

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