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Indulge in the Ultimate Beef Experience With Wagyu Meats From Vander Farms

Enjoy insanely good wagyu beef that is raised humanely and with radical transparency, perfect for an impeccable meal with your family and friends. Plus it's locally raised by a family with a passion for introducing premium F1 American Wagyu to the Midwest.

Raid our freezer at Smokehouse Grills and Supply for Vander Farms Wagyu flat iron steaks, filets, ribeye steaks, tomahawk steaks, and ground beef.

About Vander Farms Wagyu

When the Vanderhulst family learned that farmers in Japan crossbreed Japanese Black Cattle (considered pureblood wagyu) with Holsteins to produce a premium quality wagyu beef that is sweeter and cheaper, they saw an opportunity to bring the world’s most sought-after wagyu beef to the middle of America. Vander farms adhere to the highest standards of raising livestock—no hormones, no antibiotics, sustainable pasturing, and humane living conditions.

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