Peak Prime Plus WiFi Green Mountain Grill


  • GMG Smart Controller for iOS or Android mobile application, dual meat probes, and USB port
  • Grill and Pellet View Windows
  • Rotisserie-Enabled Mounting
  • Strong Grates
  • Collapsible Front Shelf
  • Interior Grill Light
  • 13.5″ Peaked Lid
  • Utensils Hooks
  • Venturi-Style Firebox
  • Sense-Mate Thermal Sensor
  • Turbo Mode Sensor
  • Keep Warm Mode
  • Fan Only Mode
  • Automatic Shut-off
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Our new Prime grills just got even better with the same great Prime features PLUS a collapsible front shelf, interior grill light, rotisserie enabled mounting, and stronger reinforced grates. Our Prime models are built even smarter and stronger. 12V direct power design provides better temp control, greater pellet fuel economy, and faster startups! With micro-adjustment capability in the variable-speed fan and auger motor, you can maintain more consistent grill temps. With the grill and pellet view windows you can keep an eye on your food without letting your smoke escape and monitor your pellet supply. With a 13.5” peaked lid and 658 sq. in. of grill space, this workhorse can cook anything from a dozen racks of ribs to a small whole hog and monitor multiple food temps with dual meat probes.

Control and monitor your grill from your couch or on-the-go with GMG Smart Control. Adjust your smoke and grill temp from 150°F to 550°F with 5° increment control. Adjust and monitor your food temp from your phone with the GMG App. Grill smarter, eat better!

Kick your taste buds into a new dimension!


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