Wellspring Components Cookers

triflame 60.tiff

Wellspring Components is a company right here in Shipshewana pushing the limits on BBQ technology. They have two types of cookers that you can purchase through Smokehouse Grills & Supply. The first one is their take on a universal smoker/cooker/grill - the TriFlame 60. This product really does everything. If you are looking for an all-around grill, this is the one for you. Stop by today to see it!​

The other cooker in their lineup is the "Big Ben Rotisserie". This cooker really steps up your cooking game with it's basting ability. As the meat rotates in the Big Ben, it is self-basting! This creates some very juicy and tender meat! You can see in the video just how incredible this cooker is! If you would like to see one in person, or order one for yourself, stop by and we would love to help you out!